Optimize & Performance

Optimization & Performance

Nobody Likes A Slow Website

You know who likes a slow website even less than your users. Google. All the SEO in the world won't help you if Google is frowning on your performance.

Let Artemist conduct a free audit of your site and draw up an action plan of ways it can be improved.


Services We Provide:


Pagespeed Insights and Lighthouse are two critical metrics you NEED to score well on. Most websites are poorly optimized and as such rank poorly on such tests, and Google penalizes such sites. Artemist can boost your ranking on these metrics CONSIDERABLY


Most websites these dasy are reasonably mobile friendly. But mobile frienly means a lot more than simply being responsive. Images need to be optimized, un-needed content needs to be removed, unnecessary scripts need not be loaded. By analyising and removing the bloat your site can improve performance on mobile considerably.


Many web developers are lazy (not the ones that work for Artemist of course). Files are left uncompressed, images are bigger than they need to be, CSS files arent minified. All of these factors add up and can make a page a lot biggger than in needs to be. Bigger pages means slower load time. Slower load makes Google unhappy. You don't want to make Google unhappy.


Artemist sites are no longer in one place. Your's doesnt have to be either. Harnessing the power of the cloud and CDN's we can host static files (images, content e.t.c) all over the world, serving them from the server closest to the person visiting your site. This means faster loading times. MUCH faster!


Older, legacy sites, (Wordpress especially) are notortious fro requesting scripts, anayltics and cookies from many different sources. Each request slows your site down. Artemist can analyse your site in details and streamline or even remove a lot of these undeeded redirects.


One of Google's most loved metrics is 'Time to first paint'. This is the time between your user landing on the page and the time some content is displayed. Even a delay of several hundred milliseconds can see you penalized. By loading scripts in the background, deferring some of the more cpu intensive tasks and ensuring the user sees content almost instantly will help your sites page ranking no end.


Other Services We Offer:

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Storyboard / Wireframe / Flow

The first step in any new project. Get off on the right foot with Artemist Designs.

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Build & Deploy

Turn the designs into code

Find out how Artemist can turn those designs into digital reality.

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UX Analysis

Make your site a pleasure to use

Find pain points and eliminate them

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Develop high-fidelity, clickable prototypes

Develop a real working proof-of-concept or even MVP for a fraction of the cost of a full blown app.

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