UX Analysis

UX Analyis

Good UX should feel invisible

Are your site users happy? Are you sure? UX analysis can indentify pain points in your sites, points of friction that can cost you users, and more importantly, money.

UX Analysis

Services We Provide:


Get REAL feedback from 10-100+ mock 'users' as they navigate your site and provide detailed reports of what they found easy and what could be easier


What aspects of your site are harder than they need to be? Editing a profile? Updating a shopping order? Uploading a file/photo? Finding contact details? Our 50+ pain point list will make sure your users arent tripping up on any of these.


USing the power of mock profiles we create personas of a range of your potential users, their lifestyles and what they want to get from your site. From we can tailor-make your content accordingly.


The beauty of modern web technology is nothing is ever set in stone. Things can, and should, adapt and change quickly if needed. We take such an approach here at Artemist.


Your designs aren't necessarily UX, but good design does create good UX. The use of color, typography and consistent design patterns can express clear intent of your website, and makes things clear for your users.


Good UX should leave a positive experience for your users. Working with Artemist we aim for the same outcome with your experience with us.


Other Services We Offer:

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Storyboard / Wireframe / Flow

The first step in any new project. Get off on the right foot with Artemist Designs.

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Build & Deploy

Turn the designs into code

Find out how Artemist can turn those designs into digital reality.

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Streamline an existing site

Let our Artemist team boost the performance of your current site.

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Develop high-fidelity, clickable prototypes

Develop a real working proof-of-concept or even MVP for a fraction of the cost of a full blown app.

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