Accessibility Audit


Ensure your website or app is accessibile to everyone

It is easy to take a lot of things, our eyesight especially, for granted. However not everyone who visits your may be as fortunate. Things like poor contrast between elements, non-semantic mark-up tags, and an inability to switch of movement and animations can severly hamper your sites accessibility for people with sight or motion disorders.

An accessibility audit will ensure that all of these aspects and more are dealt with on your site, ensuring everyone who visits it can use it.


Things we look for:


Many assistive technologies rely solely on keyboard-only navigation. Your website should also be able to be navigated just via the keyboard. Are links tab-able? Can forms be navigated using just the keyboard? Our audit will identify and fix these specific issues.


Often times semantic and ARIA tags can get forgotten about in the building of a site. These tags ensure that users of screen readers and other assistive technologies get detailed descriptions of images they are seeing, and other aspects of your site like buttons, navigation tags and more.


There are ISO standards of contrast to ensure a minimum level of readability. Similarly there are certain color combinations that work poorly, as well as others that are encouraged. We can work closely to ensure these standards are met whilst remaining sympathetic to the overall design of your site.


Many sites aren't designed with resizing in mind, with larger text simple breaking the entire design. Artemist bakes all of of these considerations right in to the start of our design process, and we can fix designs that haven't.


Animations and transitions are part and parcel of the modern web experience and a site often looks dated without it. However, users that suffer from motion disorders can feel disoriented or nauseous using such sites. Modern browsers can indicate if a user prefers less motion, and when a notice is received, these aspects of your site should be disabled.


Often times the best designs are the simplest ones, for ALL users. Avoid unnecessary complexity where possible esepcailly in fields like tables and data presentation.


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