Build & Deploy

Build & Deploy

From the sketch pad to the web.

Designs are no good sitting on someone hard drive. Let Artemist guide you through the process of taking your project live.

Already have web hosting? We can easily upload and update your current site. Need hosting? Talk to us about our hosting plans. including a VERY generous free tier.

Build / Deploy

Services We Provide:


Whether you use Artemist for your design needs, or if you already have designs made, we take these plans and make them into fully functioning websites. No matter how complex the designs, Artemist can handle it.


If you already have a web hosting company, we can liase with them to upload your site and get it up and running with zero hassle.


Harnessing the power of Netlify and the new face of decentralized networks, Artemist can guide you through hosting your site for very little cost. Small websites are basically free for the life of the site.


We can build easily configurable update tools. Adding new content to your site will be a piece of cake.

99.9% UPTIME

Never worry about your site being down. Our hosted plans are backed by one of the biggest players in the webspace - Netlify - so you can consider downtime a thing of the past.


CDN stands for Content DElivery Network. In simple terms, it means your site will be copied and hosted on servers all over the world, with content served to visitors from the nearest site. What this means is blazing fast load times.


Other Services We Offer:

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Storyboard / Wireframe / Flow

The first step in any new project. Get off on the right foot with Artemist Designs.

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Streamline an existing site

Let our Artemist team boost the performance of your current site.

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UX Analysis

Make your site a pleasure to use

Find pain points and eliminate them

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Develop high-fidelity, clickable prototypes

Develop a real working proof-of-concept or even MVP for a fraction of the cost of a full blown app.

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